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“Rizk-Free” Bets on Rizk – What Are They?

Promotion Summary
  • Rizk-free bets are wagers where your stake is NOT at risk
  • If you win your Rizk-free bet, you collect your winnings as usual
  • If you lose your Rizk-free bet, you get 100% of your stake back

In sports betting, the free bet is a common bonus incentive. You use them, and if you win, you keep the profits. But lately, a new type of wager has grown in popularity. On Rizk, they’ve given it an appropriate name – the “Rizk-free” bet.

What are they and how do they work? Follow us below the fold, and we’ll answer both questions.

How does this promo work?

So… what is a “Rizk-free” bet? To best define this wager, let’s compare it to the free bet. When you get a free bet, you’re wagering with the sportsbook’s money. However, with a risk-free bet, you’re fronting your own money.

However, just as with the free bet, you can’t lose. Here’s how – if you win your Rizk-free bet, then you pocket your winnings as you normally would. But if you lose your Rizk-free bet, Rizk will give back 100% of your stake.

Ok, now you know what “Rizk-free” bets are, but how do you use them? It’s simple – make a single wager or put toegther a multiple. Then before submitting your selection, activate your “Risk-free” bet by clicking the yellow checkbox. That’s all you need to do!

But before you start using your “Rizk-free” bets, note the following terms and conditions:

  1. You cannot use “Rizk-free” bets on system bets.
  2. Some “Rizk-free” bets have specific conditions attached to them – check promo T&Cs for details.
  3. Rizk pays out “Rizk-free” bet losses in real cash – no wagering required.
  4. Rizk’s “Cash Out” option is unavailable during “Rizk-free” bets.