Active Promotion

Win Cash and Free Spins Hourly with Rizk Races

Promotion Summary
  • Log onto Rizk
  • Click on the Rizk Race tab in the left sidebar
  • Sign up for a Rizk Race
  • Finish in the top 3 to win cash or free spins

Pokie tournaments are tremendously exciting. By putting in the time, it’s possible to win significant prizes (on top of any profit you make). Unfortunately, many of us are far too busy to compete in these contests.

Rizk Races solve this problem. Hosted on Rizk Casino, these hour-long contests make it easy to experience the thrills of tournament play.

Follow us below the fold, and we’ll show you how they work.

How does this promo work?

Start by logging onto Rizk. It doesn’t matter when – Rizk Races run every hour on the hour, around the clock. Find the Rizk Race icon on the left sidebar and click it. Then, find the next Rizk Race that appeals to you, and sign up for it.

You’ll find instructions and rules for each race in-game. Read them carefully, then when the time comes to play, spin with all your might. If you finish in the top three, you’ll win cash or free spins.

As always, there are terms and conditions to note:

  1. To play for cash, sign up for one of two main races per day. All other races award free spins.
  2. Players earn 10 points for each win, 30 points for three wins-in-a-row, 40 points for three losses-in-a-row, and 300 points for big wins (10x bet).
  3. If your score ties with another player, whoever attained it first serves as the tie-breaker.